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Single Sign-On (SSO)

With full support for SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect, learners can seamlessly sign in with whatever identity provider your organization uses, including Google Apps, Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory, ADFS, Ping, Okta, OneLogin and countless others. Standalone accounts and custom login solutions are supported, too.

Flat File Integration

Mass import users from your Human Resources platform (HRIS), or whatever your organization's source of truth is. Simply maintain employee info at the source as usual, and Skillo will update to match it daily.


Want to connect Skillo to another platform? Use our fully documented, RESTful API to create, read, update, or delete whatever you wish.

See Documentation

xAPI Support

The Experience API or xAPI is an open standard for sending and receiving all kinds of data about what users do. With it, you can get a more comprehensive picture about peoples' learning and behavior across systems.

More about xAPI

Custom Spreadsheets On Demand

When browsing reports in Skillo, just click the "CSV" button to generate a spreadsheet automatically tailored to your current filters. You'll then have a snapshot for recordkeeping or for further Excel wizardry.

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