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What if your team actually liked your LMS?

Matching Brand, Seamless Login

Skillo is modern, intuitive, and beautiful, so learners can explore at their own pace and get right to learning. Learners log in with their existing company credentials and enter an user-friendly platform, perfectly whitelabelled to match your brand.

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A Crystal Clear To Do List

The first thing learners see is a list of courses they need to finish, what they're about and when they are due.

Within a course, learners can easily check their progress and goals from the Overview screen.

Compelling Content Without Distractions

Each course has bite-sized chunks of content to work through. For example, a few documents and a video followed by a quiz.

Each piece of content is presented simply and without clutter. Learners can move forward with a click of the "Next" button. Behind the scenes, Skillo tracks their progress to give leaders useful insights.

Helpful Reminders & Notifications

Once per day, Learners get an email letting them know about new content and upcoming due dates, unless they're all caught up already.

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