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Before we dive into what Skillo can do, allow us to share why it exists and why anyone should care. It’s all about solving problems. Today’s employees are more spread-out with less accountability than ever before, and it’s only getting worse.

Training platforms can help, but they are typically clunky and ugly, requiring a dozen steps to accomplish anything, yet still don’t produce any real-world results. We found the opportunity to solve these issues irresistible, so we made something better.

What Is Skillo?

It’s a web application which aims to be the most intuitive training and coaching tool on the market. Dead simple, yet sophisticated. It requires no special setup, and the interface is self-explanatory. Any subject matter expert can easily jump in, create or upload any combination of learning materials, build quizzes and role-play scenarios, and share it with the right people on any device anywhere in the world. It’s so simple a CEO could do it. It doesn't require a full-time administrator to babysit it, either.

Skillo HQ

We are a small, agile team right in the middle of downtown Detroit. Here’s what our space looks like:


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