What is Skillo?

Skillo is a content sharing platform corporations can use for teaching and learning. It is more flexible than the typical training tools on the market. Not only can you learn and teach on Skillo, companies have used us for everything from sales to HR/compliance training, board presentations, competitive research, and financial auditing. We try to make Skillo as easy to use as possible. How you use it is up to you.


Our Cloud-Based teaching and learning platform makes it possible for anyone in your organization to build online training without an army of developers and LMS admins. Deploy personalized content to anyone, anywhere with the push of a button. Say goodbye to the hassle of training, Skillo just made your job a whole lot easier.


Not everyone operates from the office, that's why we made Skillo completely mobile-responsive. Feel just as comfortable accessing and editing content from any device, anywhere. Send a course from the putting green. Seriously. Try it. We dare you.

Who are you guys?

Our Culture

Skillo was founded in Detroit with a cowboy spirit and a clear objective: we want to create an alternative to the antiquated, underwhelming, and widely accepted form of an LMS. We’ve learned to embrace discomfort, and challenge ourselves to constantly implement customer feedback to enhance our product. Yeehaw!

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