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Five things trainers want to know about Skillo:

How does Skillo make my life easier?

It simplifies your workflow.

Skillo was built to support the trainer's creative process -- that was one of our core design goals from the beginning. That's why we made it super easy to pull together almost any combination of content, arrange it however you like, and deploy it.

We think trainers should be free to spend their time imagining what a great course can be, not wrestling with the platform.

Can I just upload my ________ ?


Upload just about any content in one step, without even telling Skillo what it is first -- Skillo will figure it out, display it properly, and generate completion and score data as learners interact with it. Even SCORM packages set themselves up automatically when you drag and drop the file into Skillo.

What if Bob asks for another report?

Get one instantly, or just send a link.

No need to go out of your way to create reports. View real-time results and summaries of any course or learning activity. You can even filter results while you're looking at them, and it will remember how you filtered it last time. Results screens are linkable, too.

What if I already have an LMS?

No problem. Import accounts, export data.

No need to recreate a bunch of accounts. Import users with a CSV once on your own, or continually with a simple integration. Have them log in with their existing credentials (via SAML).

Capture all learner and completion data from Skillo and transfer to existing systems (LMS, HRIS, you name it). Or generate custom CSVs to do whatever you want with.

Is this a good learning platform for young people?

Yes. Because it doesn't feel like it's from 1992.

Young people have grown up in an era of user-friendly and attractive tech. Smartphone apps, for example, usually have a self-explanatory interface, a quick workflow and a pleasing look and feel. Sadly, corporate software has largely ignored the the evolution of software design over the past 20 years, forcing users to wade through an ocean of obscure links and arcane workflows before they can get what they want -- the tools they need to rock their job. Skillo can help you upskill like it's 2019.