Skillo's feature set is designed to make each aspect of creating, deploying and monitoring your training program as straightforward and convenient as possible.

Intuitive Course Building

We give you the tools to train the way you want to.

  • Flexible File Selection

    Skillo allows you to upload images, SCORM packages, webpages, and many other types of files. All we ask is that photo of you on spring break in a speedo stays hidden from the world.

  • Integrated Quiz Tool

    Our integrated quiz tool makes it fast and easy to create a quiz to ensure your learners are retaining all the important information.

  • Live Video

    Host a live video conference within our platform.

  • Pre Reqs

    For instructors who want to create self paced courses, Skillo allows prerequisites for any tile. Ensuring that no learner sneakily bypasses components of a course.

  • Fast Course Deployment

    Instructors can invite any number of students with or without Skillo accounts with just two clicks off of any device. Course deployment so quick, you could do it while your morning coffee brews!

  • Text and Video Discussion

    Instructors can turn on our discussion feature when they want their learners to engage in the content together.

  • Note Taking/Annotation

    Instructors can leave public annotations on all documents within their course. Students can create private notes within that same document. Leave the pen and paper at home!

  • Instructor Led Training

    Post the training course to your Skillo account and your students can self-register when it’s convenient for them. Instructors can measure attendance and completion within the platform.

  • SCORM Engine

    SCORM packages can be clunky and tough to manage in other platforms, through Skillo's SCORM engine you can quickly and easily upload your SCORM packages and pull detailed results with ease.

  • Organizing and Editing

    An intuitive interface and the ability to search for already existing content makes building a course easier than Sunday Morning.

  • Version Control

    Our dynamic course construction allows you to replace content without compromising historic completion data saving you time when you want to make edits to your course

  • White Labeling

    Customize the look and feel of our platform to fit your institutions style.

Viewing Student Progress

See how trainees are progressing at any time.

  • SCORM Reporting

    Instructors are able to access detailed completion reports and update SCORM files without losing previous completion data.

  • Learner’s Progress/Work

    An instructor can quickly view participation and completion data for their group to make sure their learners are up to speed with course expectations.

  • CSV Integration

    Instructors can transition data rich CSV files into our adaptive platform or download individual group CSVs to their personal desktop.

Quick Company Set-Up

No matter the size or the use that you’re looking for, we have a solution for your company. Give us a couple of hours and we can fully integrate your entire company or bolt onto your existing LMS. It doesn’t have to take months and 20 IT specialists to get the job done.

  • Single Sign On

    What used to take companies months, we can do in hours. Automatically register or remove users based on employment status and experience seamless login through SSO in the blink of an eye.

  • API Integration

    Our API allows our clients to access and hold important information about their users progress within their own database.

  • Creating Groups

    Instructors can drag and drop email groups from outlook, copy and paste from excel, or send the course’s hyperlink to their desired students. No matter which way you choose, users will automatically be entered into the desired course.

  • Flat File Integration

    Give us the Flat File and we’ll do the rest. Our servers can store your company’s Flat File within our database and update user info in real time.

  • Multi-Role Users

    On Skillo, users can teach and learn all within one account while changing roles between courses in real time. That’s one less password to remember.

  • Creating New Users

    You send the invite, our technology will do the rest.

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