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What's The Difference?

Go Beyond “Training”

If training is transferring knowledge, coaching is transferring skill. Most organizations make the mistake of over-training and under-coaching. When someone on the team is not meeting goals, most are quick to say, “This person needs training,” NOT true, most of the time. People usually know enough but lack the practice and guidance to execute. In other words, skills are what matter. Lack of coaching creates a host of self-inflicted challenges for organizations. Pairing training with coaching makes all the difference, and that’s exactly what Skillo does.

If you need to measure and scale Transfer of Knowledge through Training in traditional , old school LMS fashion, we got you covered!

If you need to measure and scale the elevation of specific SKILLS through coaching, in a way nobody else does, we absolutely crush it!

Train, Coach and See Results in One Place

As a leader, have you ever had the best intentions of teaching what you knew to your people, but weren’t sure how to go about it? Ever tried to engage your team with role-play sessions and one-on-one meetings, but struggled with lack of time, consistency and quality of investment? Ever had your leader ask you for some kind of evidence that your people are improving?

Time to put down the spreadsheets, scale back the volume of training and start coaching skill without scheduling more meetings that take people away from productivity!

Skillo’s tools will allow you to SHOW people how to DO the skills. Give feedback, ask questions, receive questions, allow your people perfect practice and reps. Prop people out and share best practices. Most importantly, create consistency with all your people regardless of where they are, and have visibility into all of it.

Turn Company Events into Lasting Change

The EVENT is awesome! Big names in the company and engaging guest speakers give presentations. Lots of money is spent on travel, venue, food and drink, etc. Everyone gets fired up for a great quarter of business. But as soon as the champagne pops and everyone gets home, all is forgotten and it’s back to the status quo. Minimal to no change.

Skillo will allow any organization to turn events into skills and processes that are sticky over the long term. Transform enthusiasm and knowledge into action. Change behavior and get results!

Connect Whatever You Need

Skillo can be set up almost instantly and used as a stand-alone tool. But it also plays nice with your current systems and tools. You can log in securely with your existing provider (SAML Single Sign-On). You can mass import users and update them automatically. You can export detailed user data in custom CSVs, or fetch data from our API to roll your own solution. You can also monitor user behavior externally via xAPI. Or just keep it simple and do everything through the web app—it’s up to you.

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